Hairstylist tip of the day.

dark to blonde.jpg

My tip of the day today is that there is no way possible of going dark to platinum blonde in one sitting, it is a process. Please do not think that your stylist is just wanting more money. We are trying to uphold the integrity of you’re hair, which keeps your hair healthy enough for future chemical processes, as well as saving as much length on your hair as possible.

Hopefully most everyone knows that lighter along with any chemical processing on hair is damaging. Going from a dark level (5-1) to high lift blonde (10-12) is something that isn’t achievable in one day in my professional opinion. High lift blonde is not to be taken lightly either, it requires maintenance such as weekly hair conditioning treatments, regular trimming, root touch up every 4-6 weeks, and proper home care.

The proper home care that I recommend to all my high lift guests is:

  • Purple shampoo and conditioner. I currently have Matrix So Silver.
  • Leave in conditioner.  I LOVE Biolage Keratindose.
  • Heat protection for any of my ladies out there who like to curl or flat iron their hair. I like to use the Sebastian Trilliant heat protectiant. If you are unable to find Trilliant, I also am a huge fan of Matrix Total Results Heat Treat, I use it on my hair often as well as almost all of my guests. Another great heat protection product is Design Line Get Pressed cream, this is sold exclusively at Regis Corp. salons and is for flat ironing hair.

*photo is not my work, Google search photo*


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