Hair Stylist Tip of the Week


Good day all! I am back with my very first tip of the week in my new house. My significant other and I are all settled in and I have been piling up on some great product reviews in my salon as well as what I personally use, and have been having some great experiences for my Hairstylist Tip of the Week .

Now on to the good stuff, At home hair care. As we are in the middle of summer; swimming, sun bathing, camping, hiking, amusement park, and pony tails. are the norm. Along with regular trims, proper at home hair care will allow  your hair to feel as if you just left the salon.

With my walk-in guests and retail guests, I get a lot of questions as to why a particular product is so expensive. Its because that are AMAZING. And they work! All kidding aside, a lot of salons have some really nice deals, as for our salon most everything is buy on get one 50% off. However, this month most of our products are two for $x.xx. For example, our Matrix Color Last liter bottles of shampoo and conditioner are two for $36.00. Originally they are between $22 and $25 per bottle. You are saving between five and eight dollars. This Color Last duo is great for keeping your color vibrant for up to 8 weeks after your salon visit.

As we are a salon that focuses on Matrix and Regis Design Line, I too will be giving my product recommendations for these brands.

So with summer, most ladies are either full blown blonde bomb shell, amazing blonde highlights, or the ever popular balayage. With this being said you’ll need a shampoo and conditioner that will tone out those unwanted yellow and gold tones. I will always and continuously recommend Matrix Total Results So Silver shampoo and Color Obsessed conditioner, followed buy Color Obsessed Miracle Treat. This combination will keep your blond looking fresh and healthy.

For my beautiful brunettes I have been recommending Matrix Total Results Brass Off shampoo and conditioner followed by Blonde Threesome. This will help take out those harsh warm tones you see in your brown making it look like a reddish brown.

The sun damages your hair just as it does to your skin with out proper care. So always make sure you are taking care of your hair just as you are taking care of your skin.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


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