Establish in 1991

Hi, my name is Veronica and thank you for coming to check out my blog, this isn’t just a regular blog though. This blog is for all my hair and makeup photos.

Not very many people are old school anymore and a printed portfolio no longer cut it, and its not very convenient when you’re a scatter brain like me and constantly forget it at home. So I thought to my self “Veronica, how can you be able to show your previous work with out having to REMEMBER to grab your portfolio?” and thanks to Pintrest I know have a blog ha.

I am currently located in Gastonia, North Carolina I love living the south (born and raised Yankee) the people are so nice and my guests touch my heart very visit. You can always find me at the salon or home crocheting, literally there is no in between. And I love that I can incorporate the two to have amazing conversations, new friends, new ideas, and sharing photos!

With that being said, please enjoy yourself. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to email me in the contact information. And if you are in the Gastonia area and your looking for a fresh new ‘do’ please contact me and we can set you up an appointment!

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