Sad news everyone.

So with the past month being super busy and the salon picking up fast, I no longer have time to continue my Hairstylist Tip of the Week. Maybe in the future I will start it up again, but in the mean time I need to focus on my career and my life journey. Thank you to all who enjoyed my tips and became a more informed guest, and have created a great relationship with your stylist.

I will continue to use my site as my portfolio, and my reviews on new hair care products on the salon market!


Thank you everyone,




Matrix R.A.W Nourish Product Review


As a lover of all things Matrix I was naturally excited to try the new Matrix R.A.W. Nourish shampoo and conditioner. As I went to my local Ulta, I got a sample size of Nourish, I felt like a kid on Christmas waiting to open my presents, as the R.A.W. line has been rated the most eco-friendly product the market.

After adulting for a few hours, I’m finally ready for my shower. As I open this shampoo, I instantly regret buying it. The flower sent was extraordinarily overpowered. I thought to my self, “well great I guess I’m going  to smell like a flower now.”  The shampoo would not lather , no matter how much water I added to my hair with out rinsing this stuff completely out. After a few more globs I was able to work up an okay lather. So it’s time to rinse out. okay cool, OMG y’all let me tell you what… this shampoo was a pain in my naked ass! After ten minuets of washing this R.A.W. shampoo out of my hair, it felt like hay. No joke. My hair felt like I just lightened m hair all over again.

With sadness in my heart and water running in my eye balls I go for the conditioner. “Dear hair gods don’t let me down now.” Let me tell you what, they did. That conditioner was trapped in there man! I tried everything to get that product out of the bottle, but I finally did it. I was able to get that thick creamy amazing hair drug out of that bottle. Then I combed that cream all thru my straw like hair and absolutely fell in love with it. My hair soaked it all up and softened it so amazingly. At this point I didn’t want to wash it out. Also, the conditioner sent wasn’t a flowery as the shampoo so that was a huge plus. So enjoying my scolding hot shower I let the conditioner soak in my hair for about ten minuets more.

For the unbiased product review today, I did not use any kind of leave-in or hair strengthener as this is a normal hair ritual. So afterward, I brush my hair and go about the rest of my night. As my hair dries I don’t feel any harness or lack of moisture. “YES! The hair gods did not let me down on this one.” My hair is so soft and feels healthy.

Fast forward to today and still unbelievably soft. I was at the salon all day with no frizz, sweat, and no drying out. I am still very much on the fence about the Nourishing shampoo, but for the love of Matrix I will give it another shot. As for the conditioner, well, I love it. Its amazing, and I hope that it is not as difficult to get out of a full size bottle.

But all in all, I’m totally down for this conditioner! It doesn’t have an overpowering smell, it has amazing moisture, air drying was not an issue like it normally is, and for the last 24 hours I havent had to re-moisturize my hair.

Hair Stylist Tip of the Week


Good day all! I am back with my very first tip of the week in my new house. My significant other and I are all settled in and I have been piling up on some great product reviews in my salon as well as what I personally use, and have been having some great experiences for my Hairstylist Tip of the Week .

Now on to the good stuff, At home hair care. As we are in the middle of summer; swimming, sun bathing, camping, hiking, amusement park, and pony tails. are the norm. Along with regular trims, proper at home hair care will allow  your hair to feel as if you just left the salon.

With my walk-in guests and retail guests, I get a lot of questions as to why a particular product is so expensive. Its because that are AMAZING. And they work! All kidding aside, a lot of salons have some really nice deals, as for our salon most everything is buy on get one 50% off. However, this month most of our products are two for $x.xx. For example, our Matrix Color Last liter bottles of shampoo and conditioner are two for $36.00. Originally they are between $22 and $25 per bottle. You are saving between five and eight dollars. This Color Last duo is great for keeping your color vibrant for up to 8 weeks after your salon visit.

As we are a salon that focuses on Matrix and Regis Design Line, I too will be giving my product recommendations for these brands.

So with summer, most ladies are either full blown blonde bomb shell, amazing blonde highlights, or the ever popular balayage. With this being said you’ll need a shampoo and conditioner that will tone out those unwanted yellow and gold tones. I will always and continuously recommend Matrix Total Results So Silver shampoo and Color Obsessed conditioner, followed buy Color Obsessed Miracle Treat. This combination will keep your blond looking fresh and healthy.

For my beautiful brunettes I have been recommending Matrix Total Results Brass Off shampoo and conditioner followed by Blonde Threesome. This will help take out those harsh warm tones you see in your brown making it look like a reddish brown.

The sun damages your hair just as it does to your skin with out proper care. So always make sure you are taking care of your hair just as you are taking care of your skin.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


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Temporary hiatus

Hi all! I know I don’t have very many followers, but to those of you who do follow me and enjoy my tips of the day I’m sorry but I must take a temporary leave of absence. I am currently in the process of moving to a new house! Super exciting! Also I just got a new phone and I haven’t had an android in a million years so I’ve been trying to figure out this infernal contraption. Once my significant other and I move and get settled in I will start back up with my “Tips of the Day” but they will be changing to tips of the week to keep it fresh and not over bare anyone with my posts. 

I also have a lot of photos so be on the look out for that. I have been doing lots of color for the summer time and everyone wants the beautiful high lift platinum/white color. So be on the look out for them gems as well. 

Veronica out ✌🏻

Hairstylist tip of the day


My tip of the day today is to bring photos to your stylist. Now some stylist do not like photos but I and a lot of other stylists that I know and have worked with appreciate when a guest brings in a photo for reference.

Now I feel that there are certain criteria that one needs to consider before showing us a photo of what you want. Also the criteria falls into three sub-categories; hair cut, styles Updos or otherwise , and color.

I will start with recommended haircut criteria:

  1. Is the photo you brought length that you want your hair?
  2. If you can’t find the perfect photo, that’s okay! You can always bring in more than one. You and your stylist will have a consultation and with the photos that you have your stylist will be able to help you to achieve the look you are aiming for.
  3. With the photo(s) that you will be providing, at least in my case, it is always beneficial to try to get a photo of the back of the hair. It isn’t necessary in the least bit but it certainly helps.

Hair style criteria:

  1. Make sure the photo(s) that you bring in is close to the length of your hair.
  2. If you are looking to get an updo and see that the photo has thick full hair and your hair is thin, you will have to get extensions to achieve the fullness of the photo you want.
  3. As always, a proper consultation with your stylist will get you just what you are looking for, also during the consultation your stylist will let you know what is achievable and what is not.

Hair color criteria:

  1. During the consultation (I know broken record)and showing photos of the color(s) you’ve been dreaming of may seem like a hassle the stylist will be asking A LOT of questions.  This is completely normal, please for the love of your hair, answer all questions they have to ask you honestly and truthfully.
  2. As the same as the before criteria try finding a photo that is close to your hair length. If the hair in the photo is longer than yours, your hair may look different than what is in the photo.
  3. Be realistic. Please refer to Monday’s tip of the day for realistic expectations.


As always, one stylist recommendation may differ from your stylists recommendation. My suggestions may be different from your stylists but all in all we stylists are always looking out for what is best for our guests.

Hairstylist tip of the day.

dark to blonde.jpg

My tip of the day today is that there is no way possible of going dark to platinum blonde in one sitting, it is a process. Please do not think that your stylist is just wanting more money. We are trying to uphold the integrity of you’re hair, which keeps your hair healthy enough for future chemical processes, as well as saving as much length on your hair as possible.

Hopefully most everyone knows that lighter along with any chemical processing on hair is damaging. Going from a dark level (5-1) to high lift blonde (10-12) is something that isn’t achievable in one day in my professional opinion. High lift blonde is not to be taken lightly either, it requires maintenance such as weekly hair conditioning treatments, regular trimming, root touch up every 4-6 weeks, and proper home care.

The proper home care that I recommend to all my high lift guests is:

  • Purple shampoo and conditioner. I currently have Matrix So Silver.
  • Leave in conditioner.  I LOVE Biolage Keratindose.
  • Heat protection for any of my ladies out there who like to curl or flat iron their hair. I like to use the Sebastian Trilliant heat protectiant. If you are unable to find Trilliant, I also am a huge fan of Matrix Total Results Heat Treat, I use it on my hair often as well as almost all of my guests. Another great heat protection product is Design Line Get Pressed cream, this is sold exclusively at Regis Corp. salons and is for flat ironing hair.

*photo is not my work, Google search photo*

Awesome News!

I have such great news! June 12th Matrix is having a color class in Charlotte NC, and I am fortunate enough to go and I get to go for free. I can not wait for this day! I am so grateful to work at a company that provides me opportunities such as this event and continues my education.maxresdefault