Hairstylist tip of the day


My tip of the day today is to bring photos to your stylist. Now some stylist do not like photos but I and a lot of other stylists that I know and have worked with appreciate when a guest brings in a photo for reference.

Now I feel that there are certain criteria that one needs to consider before showing us a photo of what you want. Also the criteria falls into three sub-categories; hair cut, styles Updos or otherwise , and color.

I will start with recommended haircut criteria:

  1. Is the photo you brought length that you want your hair?
  2. If you can’t find the perfect photo, that’s okay! You can always bring in more than one. You and your stylist will have a consultation and with the photos that you have your stylist will be able to help you to achieve the look you are aiming for.
  3. With the photo(s) that you will be providing, at least in my case, it is always beneficial to try to get a photo of the back of the hair. It isn’t necessary in the least bit but it certainly helps.

Hair style criteria:

  1. Make sure the photo(s) that you bring in is close to the length of your hair.
  2. If you are looking to get an updo and see that the photo has thick full hair and your hair is thin, you will have to get extensions to achieve the fullness of the photo you want.
  3. As always, a proper consultation with your stylist will get you just what you are looking for, also during the consultation your stylist will let you know what is achievable and what is not.

Hair color criteria:

  1. During the consultation (I know broken record)and showing photos of the color(s) you’ve been dreaming of may seem like a hassle the stylist will be asking A LOT of questions.  This is completely normal, please for the love of your hair, answer all questions they have to ask you honestly and truthfully.
  2. As the same as the before criteria try finding a photo that is close to your hair length. If the hair in the photo is longer than yours, your hair may look different than what is in the photo.
  3. Be realistic. Please refer to Monday’s tip of the day for realistic expectations.


As always, one stylist recommendation may differ from your stylists recommendation. My suggestions may be different from your stylists but all in all we stylists are always looking out for what is best for our guests.